Wordspot – Place



I used to live in New York and I am fond of the place.

This is the place where the war began.

place + a verb

a place to work/meet

a place to go/eat

a place to park


a meeting place/eating places

places of worship/place of work

my place/at Jason’s place

their place in the village


the place where the incident happened

the place where he was assassinated

a good place for a picnic


a place in a team

role/importance in sth

It is not your place to give advice.

My father believed that people should know their place.

in sports team

She has won a place in the Olympic team.

He finished in third place.

He lost his place in the team.

seat (by a person or in a vehicle)

Come and sit here – I’ve saved you a place.

Would you like to change places with me,  so you can see better?

I’ve set a place for you at the table.


all over the place

to take place

to put yourself in sb’s place

if I were in your place

to change/to swap places