Wordspot – Place (Exercise)

Expressions with Place

  1. Write another word or phrase to replace those with place underlined in the following sentences
  1. We are looking for a place to eat.
  2. I’m fed up with living my parents, so I’m looking for a place of my own.
  3. What about dinner at my place?
  4. New restaurants are appearing all over the place.
  5. We may never discover what took place that night.
  6. The town has many excellent eating places.
  • With a partner, discuss what kind of place you think is being discussed in these statements
  1. There’s a nice little Italian place near my office which does great pasta.
  2. I’m going round to Nick’s place for dinner tonight.
  3. It’s a great place to go skiing.
  4. Can you save my place? I’ll be back in a moment.
  5. If it’s valuable, you’d better keep it in a safe place.
  6. We’re going to rent this little place in the countryside.
  7. I couldn’t find a place to park.
  8. Are you still looking for a place to live?
  9. He’s always leaving his clothes lying all over the place.
  10. It’s a great place for the kids to play in.
  • Tell your partner about somewhere you think is…
  • a great place for a party
    • a great place for a picnic
    • a great place for a day-trip
    • a great place for old people
    • a great place to get married
    • a great place to eat
    • a great place to go shopping
    • a great place to live
    • a horrible place to live
    • a fairly boring place to visit