Wordspot – Look

look verb

= görünmək

to look tired

to look ill

to look good/bad

to look gorgeous

to look smart/beautiful

eg. You look gorgeous today. Are you going to the party?

to look after sb/sth = qayğısına qalmaq, baxmaq

eg. Who will look after the children while you are away?

Could you look after my cat?

They looked after my house when I went abroad.

to look up = baxmaq (məlumat üçün)

eg. I didn’t know the word and looked it up in the dictionary.

Could you look Mr Johnson’s address up in the address book?

to look at sb/sth = baxmaq

eg. She looked at me and smiled.

They looked at the picture.

to look through/from/out of =baxmaq

eg. I was looking through/from/out of the window when I saw him.

to look for sb/sth = axtarmaq

eg. Are you still looking for a job?

I am looking for Mr Willis.

to look like = oxşamaq

eg. He looks like his father.

look (noun) = baxış, görünüş, görüntü

eg. Have a look at this.

Take a look at these figures.

He didn’t like the look in her eyes.

I didn’t like the look of that guy.

She has her father’s good looks.

= səbirsizliklə gözləmək

to look forward to something

eg. We are looking forward to our summer holiday.

to look forward to doing something

eg. I am looking forward to getting different presents on my birthday.

to look through sth

eg. He always looks through daily newspapers at breakfast.

She looked through her notes before the exam