Wordspot – Change (Exercise)


Translate the word/phrase with change in each sentence

  1. Erik hasn’t changed. He looks exactly the same as he did at school.
  2. Her life changed completely when he won the lottery.
  3. Wait for the traffic lights to change.
  4. Caterpillars change into butterflies.
  5. We change our car every two years.
  6. Fame has really changed him.
  7. She changed her name to his.
  8. That back tyre needs changing.
  9. Can we change seats?
  10. I went into the bedroom to change.
  11. The baby needs changing.
  12. Could you help me change the sheets?
  13. Can you change this $20 banknote for four quarters?
  14. This shirt is too small. I should change it for a bigger size.
  15. What country do we have to change?
  16. There was no change in the patient’s condition overnight.
  17. They looked forward to big economic changes in the country.
  18. Buy this cassette of classic music for a change.
  19. Let’s get away for the weekend. A change of scene will do you good.
  20. With a wave of the magic wand she changed the frog into a handsome prince.
  21. I didn’t have any small change to leave as a tip.
  22. Could you give change for a ten dollar note?
  23. The journey involved three changes.
  24. The weather is very changeable at this time of year.
  25. He is as obstinate as he was in his childhood. He’ll never change.