Wordspot – Big, Great, Large


Large (especially physically)

a big car

a big shock

big blue eyes


a big decision

a big difference

the big story in the news

the biggest banks

a big match

Other phrases

a big pay rise

a big spender

a big eater

her big sister


Rap music was very big in the early 1990s.

They are big in Japan, but no one’s heard of them here.

It was a big hit in the late 1970s.


Large (but not physically)

a great shock

great pleasure

great sorrow

great sympathy


great weather

great success

great difficulty

a great idea

a great time


a great palace

a great crowd

Extremely skillful

a great politician

a great artist

a great man/woman


of considerable size/big

a large number of employeesa

a large family

to inherit a large fortune

a large appetite

Idioms & Phrases

by and large = in general, generally speaking  

Eg. By and large we agree with what he has just told.

larger than life = exaggerated to attract attention (şişirdilmiş, mübaliğə edilmiş)

Eg. Everything written about her in the media is larger than life.

at large = 1) as a whole, in general

Eg. Mrs Turner talked at large about her husband’s plans.

                  2) (of a criminal) free, not yet captured

Eg. There are several suspects at large involved in the recent shoplifting.