Active & Passive Infinitive & Gerund (Exercise with Keys)

Put the verbs in brackets as Infinitive or Gerund in the correct active or passive voice

  1. The Browns seem ____________ (to take) along time to decide.
  • I don’t remember ____________ (to sign) this contract. It must ____________ (to fake) by someone else.
  • I need you ____________ (to help) me ____________ (to choose) an present for my mom.
  • Jane stopped ____________ (to check) the oil level in the engine.
  • Henry is said ____________ (to sack) because of her bad discipline.
  • The prisoners were made ____________ (to dig) holes and ____________ (to fill) them again as punishment.
  • After a long time Martin seems ______________ (to recover) day by day.
  • I heard someone _____________ (to come up) the stairs. But I was too tired ____________ (to go) to the door and look.
  • I saw James ____________ (to smoke) a cigarette at the door nervously; he seemed ____________ (to wait) for someone.
  1.  His books seem ____________ (to publish) many times before and he doesn’t like _____________ (to interview).
  1.  The kids’ room needs ____________ (to brighten) up a bit.
  1.  She is said _____________ (to work) on this project since 2016.
  1.  I would like _____________ (to visit) the Louver Museum while I was in France, but I was too busy ____________ (to find) time for it.
  1.  We are not competent enough _____________ (to ask) for help in this job.
  1.  I’d rather ____________ (to lie) on the beach sunbathing now than wasting my time here .
  1.  Sean was known ____________ (to have) a quick temper as a boy.
  1.  Everyone in the village helped ____________ (to build) the new hostel.
  1.  Salaries have been increased in order ____________ (to stop) corruption in the town.
  1.  He needs _____________ (to encourage), otherwise it will be difficult to have him _____________ (to do) this work.
  •  I am sorry ____________ (to trouble) you.



  1. to be taking
  2. signing; have been faked
  3. to help; choose
  4. to check
  5. to have been sacked
  6. to dig; fill
  7. to be recovering
  8. coming up; to go
  9. smoking; to be waiting
  10. to have been published; being interviewed
  11. brightening
  12. to have been working
  13. to have visited; to find
  14. to be asked
  15. be lying
  16. to have had
  17. (to) build
  18. to stop
  19. encouraging; do
  20. to have troubled